TEPS manufacturing partners are industry leaders.

Choosing the right equipment will improve reliability and safety - two important must-haves for controlling costs and maintaining productivity. Having TEPS help you make intelligent choices makes all the difference.

Our Partners


Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer that provides high-quality industrial networking and communication product solutions.


Equipment for the electric power industry, including generation, transmission, and distribution.


Manufacturering a variety of special switches, live-front disconnects, dead-front connects, transfit switches, fuse blocks and the like. Typical ratings are 800 through 6000 amps.

Curtis Industries

Specialized electrical component manufacturer of custom and standard Terminal Blocks, EMI/RFI Power Line Filters, Printed Circuit Board Blocks, Tri-Mag Power Supplies, Connectors and Supports, TEMPEST Military Line Filters and other Custom Plastic Molded Electrical and Electronic Components for Industrial Applications


We conceive and engineer electrical measuring instruments to comply with the most demanding standards. Our high-performance digital clamp meters, multimeters, and testers are developed to cover the requirements of any electrical installation.


Power Conversion Equipment: Battery Chargers, Power Supplies, Telecommunications Rectifiers, Rack Mounted UPS Systems, Converters (DC to DC) and Inverters (DC to AC) Distribution Blocks, Braids, Busbar, Clamps & Supports


Power Quality Products: DC Link Chokes, Harmonic Filters, AC Line/Load reactors, RFI/EMI (Noise) Filters


Electrical Safety Devices, Switches, and Signaling Products: Position switches, micro switches, safety devices, safety modules, foot switches, control and signaling devices.

PG LifeLink

Medical Power Control and Productivity: Isolated Power Panels and Controls, Line Isolation Monitors, XRay Film Viewers

Adel System

Power Supplies: Single and Three Phase, Network, Conformal Coated/ATEX, DIN-Rail Mounted, Primary Switch- Mode, Redundancy Modules, DC-DC Converters, Protection Modules, DC-UPS & Buffer Modules


Electrical Power Distribution & Control Equipment: Power Distribution and Control Buildings (PDC), Transformer Disconnects, Unitized Substations, Padmounted Switchgear, Primary Metering, Specialty Equipment


Power, Control, Safety & Energy Efficiency Products: Load Break Switches, Fused Disconnects, Changeover Switches, Monitoring & Power Quality Metering, Electronic Protection & Enclosed Protection/Switching Devices


The new standard of secure remote connections. Patented Plug & Go TM technology. The world’s first, patented hardware based remote access solution


Liquid Filled Transformers: Distribution Transformers: Pad mounted & Unit Subs – Up to 10,000 kVA & 35kV, Submersible – Up to 2,500 kVA & 35kV, Pole type - Up to 1,000 kVA 35kV, Specialty – Custom & retrofit designs, Hazardous environment locations, and Military Installations.

Virginia and Georgia Transformer

Liquid Filled Power Transformers: Transformers up to 1400MVA, 500kV, Automatic LTC Transformers – Up to 500MVA & 230kV, Generator Step-Up Transformers – Up to 1400MVA & 500kV, Dry Type Transformers – Up to 20MVA & 35kV, Cast Coil (Uniclad) Transformers – Up to 15MVA & 35kV.

WEG Electric Corp

Medium and Low Voltage Drives and Control Products: Low Voltage Drives 0.18kW-2000kW, Low Voltage Soft Starters 0.55kW-1950kW, Contactors and Overload Relays, Motor Protective Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Air Circuit Breakers, Mini Circuit Breakers, Terminal Blocks, Pilot Devices, Medium Voltage VFD, and Soft Starters 2.3kV-6.9kV

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